Outlook in a Google World

I’m an Outlook user, at home and at work, and I have been for the last 10 years. It syncs with my phone, so all of my contacts stay up to date, as well as my notes, calendar, and email. I can use it with any account, including my Google GMail account.  However, times they are a change’n and I’m willing to let more of my data live in the Cloud.  How do I keep using Outlook and have all my data on my laptop and phone in sync in that world?

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outlook & extra line breaks: html formatting gone bad

I get frustrated by the tiniest of problems.  This mornings issue is with Microsoft Outlook and the way the messages it sends get formatted by other recipients.  I can’t stand the extra line breaks that I see in GMail/Live/Hotmail when I send messages from Outlook 2007.

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I’m annoyed at the moment with Google Reader and its inability to open secure (authenticated) feeds.  Outlook can do it, why can’t you??  In fact, it’s the one remaining reason I’m still using Outlook to read my feeds. It’s something very few RSS readers do, but it seems like such a great idea I don’t know why more people aren’t embracing it.

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