Thanks for Riding!

I wanted to give my utmost thanks to all of you who have road along with me every day for the last month. Being able to share this journey with you has made it feel a lot less like I was out here on my own. I’ve greatly appreciated your comments, txts, emails, phone calls, prayers, well wishes, etc. You helped to make this worth the doing.

To all the folks I’ve met along the way: a special thanks for all of the warm places to stay, the meals, and the company. You made me so very welcome in your homes – you made the trip something truly special!

To my wife: you are simply the best! I know you’re probably never going to encourage me to do something like this again – but your encouragement, love, and constant unwavering support reminded me every day why I asked you to spend the rest of our lives together. I love you.

To all of my friends, family, hosts, random folks in coffee shops, drivers who honked, waved or just flashed a smile of encouragement, and all of you other virtual tourists – thank you from the bottom of my heart for riding along with me.


9 thoughts on “Thanks for Riding!”

  1. The crazy thing is, as much as I've missed you like mad, if you really wanted to do this again, I'd encourage you out the door again. I love you too.

  2. Kevin – I'm a cycling friend of Catherine/Tim's and rode the Pacific Coast last summer (and am also your neighbor). I've really enjoyed reading your blog as I consider either an East Coast route or x-country. Agree with you about riding alone. Okay, we're inviting you over for dinner with C/T soon. Welcome back! Meg

  3. Hi Kevin! Congratulations! Reading your blog and following your journey made this January in central Illinois pass just a bit faster. Great job! I look forward to seeing you and Margaret in May for Joyce's big day. Until then, may you have many more awesome biking adventures!
    Chris Kuechler

  4. Congrats Kevin. Thanks for the great updates along the way. That was quite a tough ride you did. You overcame the cold, wind, desolation, and loneliness. Anything else you do in the future will be a breeze. Well done.

    1. Thanks, Walter – and thanks again for being such a wonderful "launch pad" for my adventure. It was great meeting you and Pam!

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