damned to hell

Normally, when someone tells me I’m going to hell, I have a pretty (damn) good idea why they’re telling me to go visit Beelzebub. The majority of the times it has actually been said with some genuine concern for my well-being in the spiritual sense, and not so much meant as an insult.  But when it does happen as an insult (which doesn’t happen that often, really) I take it as an event of import and tend to take note of the reasons why.  This time, however, I have absolutely no idea what is going on…

Here’s a bit of communication that happened yesterday/today:

8/18 @ 10:20pm – (voice mail) “yah leave this world alone you dumb mother fucker… I hope you fucking die… on the way home from work… you dumb sick fuck… fuck you”
8/19 @ 11:40am – (voice mail) “yah, fuck you you sick fuck”
8/19 @ 11:43am – (txt message) “youll burn in hell for what youve done repent”

Now, the crazy thing is that I know who this is (I recognize the number and the voice) and haven’t talked to this person in about 6-12 months.  So, either he’s got the wrong number (doubtful, but possible) or he genuinely thinks he has a beef with me.

I’ve txt’d back, both to say that I would appreciate him stopping cursing at me via my voicemail and also to ask what has made him so mad.  No response yet.  It’s an honest to goodness mystery as to what I’ve done to enticed this sort of verbal barrage… or, for that matter, who’s the real target.

Until then, I guess I’ll have to wait to repent.

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