it’s about the people

Leaving Prague was bitter-sweet: on one hand I am ready to get home and get back to my regular life, and on the other I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Greg and Andrea. Andy and I were talking about what we thought the best day of the trip was, and I had a tough time answering that question for myself. But I do know that the best part of the trip overall was the time spent with Greg, Andrea, and Andy. That is what makes trips like this worthwhile to me: the company you keep while exploring. It is hardly worth the time if you can’t share the experience with someone else.

I found it hard to adequately express my appreciation for the hospitality that the Brummitt’s showed to Andy and me while we were visiting them. They very graciously carted the two of us around sightseeing on several days, showing us the best places in the city and driving us outside Prague on day trips that we would not have been able to make so easily if it hadn’t been for them. Not to mention that they opened their home to us to come and go as we pleased, feeding us on more than one occasion, letting us bogart their internet, and let us generally cramp their style for a week. I am sure that they were more than ready to see us leave, but you never would have known it. They are simply the best.

And Andy is just awesome. On our last day the two of us just set out with no real plan to explore and just “got lost” for several hours. And while we were wandering the streets I realized just how great and natural that friendship is. It just flows, and his companionship made this trip an order of magnitude more enjoyable than it would have been without him.

It was a fantastic trip… now we just need to get through customs…