STP 2010


It’s 200+ miles from Seattle to Portland by bike. It’s fun. It’s kinda insane. And I definitely want to do it again. The Cascade Bicycle Club does a great job putting on this event – particularly considering the 10,000+ riders participating. It went really well, and had a great time riding with my Windows crew.

It was a challenge to keep up with my group on several of the stretches (particularly the up hills!), but I was impressed with how fast we could get going as a group drafting off of one another. We had splits where we averaged 17.7 MPH across spans of 2 hours!


We split our ride into two days, stopping at Castle Rock at the end of Day 1:

Day 1 – 135+ miles, about 8 hours in the saddle (16.1 MPH Average)
Day 1 GPS Tracks Here

Day 2 – 65+ miles, about 4 hours in the saddle (16.9 MPH Average)
Day 2 GPS Tracks Here

Given those numbers, I’m tempted to try to do the whole 200 mi in one day next year. I think if we keep our stops to a minimum (we stopped for a total of 4 hours on the first day) we could make it happen.


The Green Machine II


I am super excited about my brand new 2009 Kona Sutra. I took my first ride on it last week to work and back, with a detour up to Naked City Brewery/Taphouse for Alex’s surprise birthday party. But today Andy and I took our bikes out for their first _real_ ride. The picture above is over looking Mt. Rainier from the I-90 bridge.

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