Albert “Bud” Bowen (1915-2008)

Pa passed away peacefully this morning.  I really appreciate the thoughts and concern that all of you have shown to me this week.  It was a little tough being at work today, particularly because most of my coworkers knew why I was away and would ask how things were, went, etc.  They would say things like “I hope you had a good trip” and “I hope things worked out”.  I appreciate their good intentions, but it’s hard to say “he died” without making them feel bad for asking.

I’m doing alright, however. I would rather be with my family right now, but that’s just not possible so I’m dealing with it other ways. Mostly I’ve been thinking a lot about the life that Pa led, and how much he meant to our family and his friends. He lived an amazing life.  He served in a World War, raised a strong family, continual gave back to his community by volunteering, and always took care of others and never wanted to be a burden to anyone. He was active in his church, the American Legion, volunteered as a school crossing guard, and spent hours at the local nursing home visiting residents up until the last year or so.  At 93, the majority of those he was visiting were younger than him!  He was quite the man. I hope that I can look back on a life that was fulfilling and meaningful as his.

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