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I just spent the last half hour or so reading through Ian’s blog, realizing that I haven’t touched mine in over a month. It’s just been that so much has been going on, with a visit from Joyce, and then from my parents and grandparents


…followed shortly there after by a whirlwind trip to New York/New Jersey for a wedding, a visit from Matt & Amy, and then some crazy karaoke


And that was all in about the span of a single month!  And that doesn’t even cover the Half to the Hook or my trip to China… from which I’ll post pictures eventually. I’ve already been up too late posting all of these pictures tonight, and I have got to get ready for book club tomorrow. Looking forward to talking about Candy Girl. :)


Humanity & the Mystique

I finally finished Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique. I don’t believe that I’m overstating when I say that this book has made an impact on my life greater than any other work of non-fiction I’ve read. I found myself amazed, shocked, confused, and simultaneously enthralled at various points in time.  I think that is mostly because it led me to question my own beliefs and upbringing. It also made wonder at the experiences of my mother and grandmothers.  Would they find themselves summed up in Betty’s words? Would they agree that they have suffered through the trials and tribulations of being “only a housewife”, never free to become themselves? Would they see the same effect of the mystique on their children and grandchildren as Betty does? I can only wonder at this point.

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