a page out of DD’s book

DD has made a believer out of me wrt pre-flight adult beverages.  More specifically, the fun that can be had meeting people in airport bars.

It’s not so much that drinking is required or even desirable before I get on an airplane; I’ve never been so much as tipsy on a flight. But today, after having no sleep, needing food, I bellied up to the bar and let the very entertaining Marge serve me food and a beer whilst waiting to get airborne. 

Marge is the kind of woman that instantly sizes you up and decides to give you shit because she knows you can take it, which is always fun.  So me, and the random couple en route to Key West, took the medicine that Marge doled out and did so with smiles.  The Key West Couple almost missed their flight, resulting in me having a free drink in my hand that they didn’t get the chance to even start…

Yes, it’s going to be a good flight.

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