Things I’ve done instead of packing…

I get distracted easily. Particularly when there’s work to be done.

Being who-I-am, and being on this crazy get-up-at-ass-crack-of-dawn sleep schedule that work/life has put me on, I’ve been up since 3am. Why? Because that’s when my alarm went off. Why? Because for some god-forsaken-reason that’s what time one of the two alarms was set for. Why? Um. I don’t actually know.

Oh, if you’re waiting for this to get interesting, you can go now. It’s not getting any better. Trust me.

So, I’ve been up for 2.5hrs screwing around… am I packed and ready to leave? No.

Oh, and why do I keep asking myself questions? Good question.

So, he’s what I’ve done with the last 2.5hrs:

  1. Install software on my new phone.
  2. Setup my GPS on said phone.
  3. Realize that I love my phone and stroke it lovingly, because that’s what the UI intends for you to do.
  4. Research the potential bugginess of my new phone, because you should never go into a new relationship blinded by looks (or touch, in this matter)
  5. Download new music for my trip.
  6. Charge my various and sundry devices.
  7. Make this list.

Good thing I can sleep on the plane

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