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If you’re reading this, you probably already know that I work for the largest software company in the world.  And you probably know that I work on the flagship software project.  What you might not know is that I’m quite proud to work where I do.

I’ve never had anything against Windows, even before I worked here.  That didn’t keep me from asking my mentor where to get my helmet and light-saber on my first day.  After all, I figured these were standard issue at the “evil empire“.  I’ve had my share of experience drinking the Linux KoolAid while in grad school, and to be honest, there’s still a sweet spot of love for the ‘nix.  But, for the most part, I’ve been OS agnostic.  I have just stuck with Windows/Linux at home because it was cheaper and did what I needed to do, even if it didn’t always look pretty.That’s not to say that I’ve never drooled over a MacBook Pro, because I have.  They’re pretty svelte.  But, when it came down to it, I could never by one because it never quite did what I wanted a computer to do.


the future delicious.


This brings us to advertising: Microsoft has launched a new campaign featuring Seinfeld and Bill Gates.  The first one didn’t impress me, but the one with the “family” made me laugh out loud.  I loved it, and while I don’t know that it’s an adequate response to the Apple advertising campaign, I’m glad to see the company doing something. 

While I find them funny, the Mac vs. PC ads have always sat a little bit wrong with me.  I think it’s because I’m very wary of fanboys.  But it might also be because the Apple ads have always sounded like slander, particularly when they start pushing the edge of truth.  They remind me of one-sided, hyped up political ads… and that’s a very quick way to lose my interest. 

That’s why I’m glad to see that Microsoft isn’t attacking but trying to put a personal face on the computer.  Bloomberg has a pretty good article which summarizes the idea of the campaign in context with Microsoft’s other efforts to improve the PC’s perception in the market.  However, Penny Arcade sums up the ad campaign a little differently.  I’m afraid that this is how most people are seeing at the moment:


4 thoughts on “the future delicious”

  1. Personally I turned to Macs because I wanted Unix w/o the admin hassle of Linux and Unix. It turned out that other features in the interface of Mac OS just blew me away. And I guess I don’t do much w/ my computer after all… :p

    I don’t like the Mac vs PC ads much either, for exactly the reason you stated. But I really don’t like/get these new MS ads. The other question I have is why Bill Gates? Why put him on as the face just as he leaves MS finally? I would argue that you could almost analyze it psychologically as looking back to a better time. Or something. :) You know, the entire line of ads may make sense in the end, but I’m so disturbed/confused/WTF right now w/ them that I just don’t see myself coming around.

    I am going to have to agree w/ Penny Arcade’s summary…

  2. I am a complete sucker for slick marketing and therefore the Mac ads appeal to me so I can snicker while I stream them at work. But they are formulaic and getting old and I just want to to take PC for a makeover. Hopefully Bill is going to do so :)

  3. 1.) I really like the term “OS Agnostic”.

    2.) I, too, am wary of the fan boys. The Apple ads piss me off – “it just works” (fallacy); “think different” (grammatically painful); “funnest ipod EVAR OMG!” (eye roll).

    3.) That all being said, the Penny Arcade comic summed up my reaction nicely. But, at least people (even non-techies) are talking about MSFT, and that means as advertisements go, it’s working.

  4. I think the choice to use BillG in those ads was purely due to him being the face everyone recognizes behind the company. And, honestly, it works. I mean, the ads don’t even have to talk about Microsoft or Windows for people to know what they’re about.

    @firewallender, (2) is exactly what I’m talking about. It’s nice to hear it from a daily driver of Apple hardware.

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