exhilaration & exhaustion

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

It’s 2am in Prague, and I’m up surfing the interwebs because my body is very, very confused at the moment about where it is and what it should be doing.  For the last 24 hours or more I’ve been living in a sleep-walking coma of joyous exhilaration (I’m on vacation!) and tortuous exhaustion.  By the numbers, a person really ought to have a conscious-to-comatose ratio of around 0.29-.33 (7 or so hours of sleep a night divided by 24 hrs in a day) meaning that you’re spending at least 30% of your existence asleep.  During the weeks leading up to my vacation, my ratio was much-much lower.  Try something in the 0.23 range (8hrs*2days + 6hrs*4 + 3hrs*1)/(24hrs*7days).  And as for this very moment, the ratio between the moment when my vacation started (i.e. I gloriously informed my boss that I was in fact done with everything and strolled leisurely out of the office) and now the ratio has been a scant 0.18.

But what a glorious vacation it has been so far.  I’m counting my date on Thursday with night as part of my vacation since I was technically done with work.  I’ll probably say more about that later; for now it suffices to say that it was the perfect way to start a week off.  But the amazing part was that I had completed all my packing two whole days before I left.  Usually I leave the stuffing of the suitcases until almost the last minute.  Being preped well before leaving (and before going out Thursday) freed me of the guilt and trappings of my frantic mind wondering if I packed enough underwear and what random thing that I’ll never use but pack anyway I had forgotten.  It absolutely set the tragectory for the rest of the trip…

Friday morning was a leisurely ramp up to leaving.  A perfect pre-flight brunch at our local diner-o’delight with Andy.  A taxi cab that was on time taking us to the airport.  Two international flights which were perfectly scheduled.  Beer and pretzels in the Frankfurt airport.  All of the luggage making it without incident.  Realizing that Andy is an awesome travel companion, and an even better friend.  Greg and Andrea being the perfect hosts; giving us enough time to decompress and catch up after getting off the plane and to their apartment, while encouraging us not to waste a minute while we’re here.  They’ve taken the next week off so that they can play tour-guide, host & hostess, which I really appreciate.  It’s awesome that they can take the time off to visit with us for the duration.

We’ve already gotten the walking tour of a good part of the city: several churches (from the outside), the town-hall complete with a gianormous coo-coo-clock that was built over 600 years ago, and the Charles Bridge.  Tomorrow we really don’t have set plans, which is great.  The plan is to get up and do whatever we feel like, and given that we have an entire country of options, I don’t imagine that it is going to be a problem to do. 

Now if only I could get back to sleep…

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