7 thoughts on “Dragging/Dropping bookmarks to Favorites: Fixing "Access is Denied" error in Internet Explorer on Vista”

  1. LIAR!! You didn’t get a new computer!! You’re just obeying the new order that all M$ employee blogs be Microsoft product help pages!! Speaking of which, maybe you can help me w/ my problem…

    j/k :)

    But seriously, Command Prompt? How is any non-geek supposed cope w/ that?

  2. I can, in fact, help you with your problem… ditch OS X and then we’ll talk.

    You are absolutely correct; the fact that there’s not an inbox GUI utility to view this information or set it is just dumb from an IT professional standpoint.

    However this is not a normal user scenario. This is one of those things that only a geek is going to get himself into. The normal user is going to have their backup program do this for them. It just so happens that my backup program is very geek oriented.

    The standard user is likely going to either import their old bookmarks from within IE or have “Windows Easy Transfer” do it for them. In both of those cases, which is what about 90% of what the world would do, you won’t see this problem at all.

  3. Do you actually believe that OSX is a problem for the Sain-inantor? I know you wish you could type “ls” again …

  4. I don’t need “ls”, I’ve got Windows PowerShell which is like having Perl+.NET available directly from the cmdline. It’s awesome.

    And, no, I don’t actually think OSX is Sain’s problem… I actually had put in XML tags around that comment to indicate that I was being snarky but they got dropped.

    I like OSX well enough and have nothing against it; it’s a pretty version of Unix with a good enough GUI. I’ve been learning the UI a lot more b/c my girlfriend has one and I’ve been helping her out with tech support, but so far it hasn’t impressed me as any easier to use or more flexible than Windows.

  5. Ouch, pulled into doing tech support on unfamiliar systems. Oh well, at least it’s for a GF. :)

    Personally I find it difficult to live w/o Expose. I keep typing “ls” and “dirs” on the Command Prompt at work. LOL The fact that I’m in Linux most of the time, and rdesktop-ing to the Windows box doesn’t help. But as long as I get my vim, I’ll live. ^_^

  6. Yah, I never mind helping out a friend.
    RE: Expose – I find it interesting how people get used to different paradigms. For example, I think Expose is cool, but it drives me nuts not to have individual buttons for each windows that I can click on to switch to that window. Alt-Tab and Ctrl-Tab can save you there, but not having a view of all my open programs/windows annoys me on the Mac.

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