steady as she goes

Listening to the Planet Money podcast isn’t good for anyone who’s worried about the economy. If watching stock tickers go up and down is akin to a train wreck, Planet Money is the calm, professional narration. It tells you more than you really need to know and gives you cause to worry about things that you didn’t even know you could worry about. Particularly when you’re watching all of the layoffs pop up left and right around you.

I’m lucky; I’m still employed. And it sounds like my group is going to be lucky enough not to take any heavy casualties as the ‘soft making cuts. But, honestly, I’m not sure we’d know if it was around the corner or not. My group/division has been lucky, and not so much in the Vegas sense.

Our management chalks it up to good planning and making hard decisions over and over again for the last year or so which has put us into a place where we don’t have to make drastic cuts now. If that’s the case, I hope they keep the course of that ship steady as she goes.

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