This morning was my last long run before Ragnar. It makes me nervous that I’m not going to run anything of significant length between now and then. But I’m also excited. Very Excited. After the half marathon, I haven’t had anything to really push myself towards until I decided to do the Northwest Passage relay. And it’s going to be fun… 12 people, 2 vans, 184 miles and 24 hours!!!

It got me looking at my running stats since January, when I got my fancypants running watch. I’ve ran 220 miles in the last 7 months, averaging 10:19min/mile, with an average heart rate of 165bpm. I was expecting to see larger differences in average heart rate from when I started. In January, my average HR was 168bpm, and it’s currently averaging 163. And my average speed is getting faster, that much is clear, but not by any great shakes. And I’ve dropped about 5 pounds that has consistently stayed off.

I think the biggest difference is probably in how I feel about running, which there’s no good stat to measure. I’m enjoying it more, now that I’m not having the chronic pain I was leading up to the half marathon, and it’s easier (even if I’m not getting that much faster). It makes me want to try to lose some more weight and see if that’ll make it easier. It also makes me want to do a full marathon… something I would have never dreamed of attempting only a year ago.

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