open registration & spammers suck

FYI: if you want to leave comments on my blog (basically, this is for Dad & Sain, my most loyal comment jockeys) I’m making you register so that I can avoid further comment spam.

I’m leaving the registration for subscribers open, so feel free to add yourself if you’re a reader and care to comment.  You’re going to have to set up a profile and a password, but it’s pretty simple to do.

Go here to register:

After you do so, you can keep yourself logged in on your browser and you’ll no longer have to put in all that information each time you want to comment.  I was dealing with an increasing number of spam comments and I was just sick of it.

In the future, I hope to set up privileges around subscribers such that some of the content is hidden from view unless you’re logged in… but don’t look for that any time soon.

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