cropped out

So, I have to admit that I’m still curious about the ST and what life is bringing her.  I don’t like admitting that.  That curiosity generally manifests itself in the desire to look up her facebook profile or to email her.  You know, just poke in and see what’s going on.  As it turns out, the unfriending of the ST on facebook was a precautionary measure that was very wise in retrospect; it keeps me from poking my nose in where it doesn’t belong.  Gloriously, fb only lets me see her profile photo and that’s what brings me here today…

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DD recently expounded upon what I would sum up as “the critical importance of shutting your trap in burgeoning relationships”.  Generally, I find her opinion spot-on in matters of relationships, but this time around I surprisingly found myself in disagreement.

The main thrust of her thoughts are that guys aren’t equipped to hear a woman’s true thoughts and feelings, particularly at the beginning of a relationship.  She lists examples of what not to say and when not to say them.  The focus here is the super-nascent relationship, that stage where you’re still trying to figure out where you stand, if this thing has potential, etc. etc.

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