Ragnar the Fire Dragon has been slain


It’s 3am (now 6am) and I should be passed out cold. My body is wracked from exhaustion of the mental & physical kind. I’ve pushed pretty much every part of my being harder than I have in months and my reward is the thrill of having slain the fire dragon Ragnar.

Our team, the “Beer Gardeners”, kicked so much behind that I’m almost at a loss for words. We were a mix of veteran runners and newbs, every one of which exceeded their own performance expectations. Down the (wo)man we brought our A+++ game and it really showed.

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This morning was my last long run before Ragnar. It makes me nervous that I’m not going to run anything of significant length between now and then. But I’m also excited. Very Excited. After the half marathon, I haven’t had anything to really push myself towards until I decided to do the Northwest Passage relay. And it’s going to be fun… 12 people, 2 vans, 184 miles and 24 hours!!!

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