STP 2011

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200+ miles and 14 hours of riding later, we rolled into Portland. The ride was great, despite a bit of a mishap that left Andy with 3 stitches, but no worse for the wear. Yet again, the Cascade Bicycle Club did a great job putting on the ride.


This year’s pace was a bit slower than last year, but not by much. We did pretty much the same ride as last year – 135 miles to Castle Rock, and then the remainder on the next day.

I’ve posted some of the better pictures up here, and the GPS stats are below:

Day 1 – 134+ miles, about 9 hours in the saddle (15.0 MPH Average) – 4 hours of stopped time.
Day 1 GPS Tracks Here

Day 2 – 66+ miles, 4 hours 42 min in the saddle (16.4 MPH Average) – 34 min of stopped time.
Day 2 GPS Tracks Here

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