Plethora of Prague Pictures

Prague Panorama, Large

2+ weeks later, all of my Prague pictures are tagged & uploaded to Picasa…

All of the pictures are posted here:

I’ve enjoyed taking a few hours to go through them all (400+ of them) and relive the trip.  I also discovered the magic of Windows Live Photo Gallery and how easy they make photo stitching work.  The picture above is a composition of 4 slightly-overlapping pictures overlooking Prague from Pražský hrad.

I don’t think I could use the Windows Live Photo Gallery (WLPG) as my primary photo manipulation tool, but it really does a great job at a the basics.  I would actually switch over and use WLPG, but Picasa is still a winner when it comes to the web albums.  WLPG lets you publish your photos to Flickr and Microsoft’s own photo Live Spaces directly, which is cool, but Google lets me upload full-sized photos which is a requirement for me.  Otherwise, WLPG is pretty great for working with pictures.

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