godaddy, go?

I’m sitting on a tech support call with, the people who host my site, as they try to figure out why my site is essentially slow as mud.  I’m writing this offline because it appears to be my wordpress database at fault.  It’s a bit of a mystery.  And I’ve been punted via that magical word “escalation” … and, supposedly, in 24-72 hours my problem will be resolved.  It frustrates me as a tech geek not to be able to solve my own problems, but I’m hoping that the money I pay these people will work out in my favor.  We shall see…

[edit] The slowness, responsiveness has cleared up for now… I wonder who kicked the server in the back room to get this going?

2 thoughts on “godaddy, go?”

  1. I blame it on all of the fancy stuff you’ve got on and interacting w/ your site. You should know better than that.

    Technology sucks. Only way things work is proprietary legacy crap that doesn’t interoperate w/ anything else.

  2. There really isn’t that much fancy. Twitter/brightkite are pretty simple sidebars. The rest is pure-and-simple wordpress. I’m over doing crazy tricking out of web pages; any more, I just want it to “work” and look half-way okay.

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