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I dropped GoDaddy.com as my webhost last week, and so far it looks like it was a great choice. I’ve switched over to 1&1 via Firewallender’s recommendation and I have not been disappointed.

The reason for the switch was similar to hers, which she talks about here. It wasn’t so much the Superbowl ads for me (I never saw them) but the entire attitude of the company. They shamelessly use sex to sell their products, which bothered me more with them than any company I’ve encountered. Beer companies are more tactful than GoDaddy.

CEO Bob Parsons is front and center and embodies pretty much everything I’m talking about.  In fact, the moment I made the decision to switch was when I found Bob Parsons’ video blog. This one is a perfect example of why I chose to switch. He’s just a smarmy 40+ dude who’s trying way too hard to be cool, and cool in this case is having large breasted women to cheststare at on his vblog. (Dude, their eyes are up *there*.)

That, and their service wasn’t that good to begin with. They provided the basics just fine, but when I’ve encountered problems with my site they have not been quick enough to resolve them (or they never got resolved at all).

On the flip side, 1&1 has been great. Moving my data over was easier than expected. They took on my domain with no problem. And the hosting plan is somewhat better than I had at GoDaddy. All in all, it’s a win win win.

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