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Andy & took off for a nice bike ride this afternoon. It wasn’t quite as long as the ride to Redhook, but it was a beautiful day to ride down to Alki Beach, grab a beer and enjoy the scenery before heading back up the hill home. I even got lemonade from a couple kiddies on the way home from an actual lemonade stand for one-whole-dollar!  Man, talk about inflation… but so worth it.



On the ride, Andy and caught up about several things including life, love, work, politics and how much we enjoy living in Seattle.  It’s just so beautiful here, with so many great people, and so much to do.  It got me thinking about the past 2-3 weeks and all that I’ve done… it’s been a busy month!

For example, M and I saw a whole collection of shows last week.  First up was the Avett Brothers, which was by far the most enjoyable, fun, entertaining, and awesome show I’ve seen this year yet.  Hands down.  Go listen to them, I don’t care who you are, you’ll love them.


We also hit up Bumbershoot last weekend.  It’s one of the many yearly music festivals that happen in town.  We sampled seven bands in one day, including Band of Horses, Beck, Barcelona, and Thao with the Get Down Stay Down.  The Thao show was great, go click on the link to listen to “Bag of Hammers”… they’re totally candy-coated indie pop and they make me happy.  Band of Horses was great, although the audio system sucked which was super disappointing because they’re a band that just really gives their all and I don’t think it came through.  And while Beck was great to dance to, I’m not sure I’d pay to go see him again.  They jacked up the sound for his show, too, so maybe that had something to do with it.  I’d rather just dance to him at home anyway.


Besides the shows, I feel like I’ve been busy hanging out with people a lot more lately.  Definitely not a bad thing.  Last night was dinner with DD, MacGyver & his lovely bride CC to celebrate DD’s small-child’s (SC’s) first week of kindergarten.  He’s now actually a C and not an SC, since he is now 5 years old, but that’s a minor point.  It was relaxing, fun, and the conversation brazenly-honest and hilarious just like always with that group of friends.

There was also a camping/float trip in there somewhere with M, the CurrentDownstairsNeighbor, the FormerDownstairsNeighbors, and that extended set of friends.  The short story of that trip is: (1) just like my grandmother, tequila makes my clothes fall off (2) mountain fed rivers are damn cold, but alcohol helps and (3) campfire drunk food is the best.  Notice the theme there?  Yah, it was a good weekend.

And today… well, today appears to be wrapping up nicely.  Grilled and chilled on the front porch for dinner.  Took a long walk and had a wonderful conversation with Joyce.  And now I’m off to down town to go drink some wine with good friends (and hopefully get there in time to watch the sunset).

Off I go!

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