Day 24: Law West of the Pecos

Langtry, TX to Del Rio, TX
Date: 01/25/2013
Distance traveled: 58.09 miles (1426.34 miles total)
GPS tracks:

After a blissful, but short, night of sleep behind the Langtry Community Center I got up early and had packed up the bike by 9am. I rolled the short distance over to Langtry’s biggest attraction – the Judge Roy Bean Visitor’s Center (and restroom for weary cyclists).

The bar, pool hall, and courtroom of Judge Roy Bean.

The judge was quite the character – he was known as “the law west of the Pecos” river. Before his time it was said that “West of the Pecos there is no law; West of El Paso there is no God.” He was obsessed with Lilly Langtry of Jersey Island for whom he named the town of Langtry, and his saloon (the Jersey Lilly). He also apparently just did his ‘judging’ by shooting from the hip, ignoring the actual law and just dispensing justice however he saw fit. He was larger than life and it’s hard to separate fact from fiction, but it makes for good story telling.

I spent a fair bit of time at the visitor’s center – mostly because it was interesting, and partially to give my electronics a chance to charge since I’d been without power for a couple of days.

The wooden windmill in the cactus garden. The visitor center is also home to a very nice cactus garden which was fun to walk around.

When I finally did get on the bike, it was very slow going. Big headwinds. More rolling hills. By the time I had gone 30 miles I was already beat. I stopped for a very long lunch at J&J Holley’s Place in Comstock where I watched reruns of Rosanne with the owner, devoured a massive burger with fries, and did some blogging.

The Pecos River canyon.

I had planned to do a longer ride today, but I really just didn’t have long distance in me today – 60 miles was more than enough. When I rolled into Del Rio and saw that there was a hotel next to a Rudy’s BBQ I took that as my sign to call it quits for the day. It was time for my first BBQ of the trip. It was about time!

I had 3 sandwiches and I was still hungry! So good!

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    1. I don't know, Tim. Camping for free behind a community center & then making use of the bathroom at a free museum is hardly stimulating to the Langtry economy. :P

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