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I just spent the last half hour or so reading through Ian’s blog, realizing that I haven’t touched mine in over a month. It’s just been that so much has been going on, with a visit from Joyce, and then from my parents and grandparents


…followed shortly there after by a whirlwind trip to New York/New Jersey for a wedding, a visit from Matt & Amy, and then some crazy karaoke


And that was all in about the span of a single month!  And that doesn’t even cover the Half to the Hook or my trip to China… from which I’ll post pictures eventually. I’ve already been up too late posting all of these pictures tonight, and I have got to get ready for book club tomorrow. Looking forward to talking about Candy Girl. :)


it’s a mess out there, Charley Brown

It was a bad week for damn near everyone. Andy had a shit ton of trouble getting to New York… I’m not sure he’s even made it yet, even after all the money he’s dropped on one day of travel. In fact, everyone I know had travel problems due to the weather.  Frances woke up Wednesday to several millimeters of frigid water flooding her basement floor. I almost fried my new laptop by spilling water on it. The snow knocked out the roads and the internets, making it impossible for many of us to work on Wed/Thursday. …and then then this happened to some poor folks:


All I’m saying is that this was a good week just to stay home.  Which is what made Thursday just about perfect for me.  The only reason one should really have left the house is for sledding down the ice-slicked streets.  This is why I love my neighborhood: 20-30 of your neighbors drunken sledding down the steepest street on anything that would slide (cardboard boxes, cookie sheets, garbage can lids… even the kitchen sink). I’ve only been gone a few hours and I think I already miss my Seattle home.