things that made this weekend great


  • housework that involved Instructions 6-9 (above)
  • pumpkin pancakes.
  • Official. Election. Mail. — My ballot is in hand, and now I proceed to participating in democracy!
  • two (count’em) trips to the grocery store to prep for dinner tonight
  • a long, good, but hard conversation with my best friend
  • two new books came in at the library: the last Harry Potter & “The Feminine Mystique”, which will be much more interesting to read than the two books I’m currently reading (“Pilgrim’s Progress”, and “Lake Wobegon Days”)
  • spending a productive hour learning css so I could get bullets to work on my blog posts
  • a great lunch: garden burger on ciabatta rolls with blue cheese & BBQ sauce + M’s homemade pumpkin chocolate chip bars… yum!
  • a note with a heart attached 
  • playing with my new phone – new features, new tips, new tricks, new games, new problems to solve (I have to stress test every new device, even if it’s only supposed to be just a phone)
  • the presidential candidates roasting each other had me loling
  • seeing DD beg… BEG… in public.  wow.
  • breakfast at Glo’s
  • the threatening 8am phone from my brother’s keeper… the story of the craziness continues, but I really don’t wanna go into it right now.  Maybe later.
  • … and a wonderful Sunday of doing “sunday” like things

Oh, yah… this is old news… I went paragliding last weekend… it’s not quite as exciting as sky diving, but still worth doing at least once.  It would have only been better had there been better weather for thermals so we could have stayed aloft longer.  Instead ,we dropped like rocks. :(

prepare yourself for non-stop hilarity, nothing sort of that

Holy crap… this is awesome and hilarious!  It’s good to see both candidates, two weeks before the election, roasting each other.  It makes McCain look way less creepy than normal; he’s actually charming in this.  And Obama… well, he’s just magnetic here.

Watch both candidates… it makes me feel good about both candidates as people.


McCain #1:


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