flying my brightkite, tickling my twitter

So, I’m diving into what I think is one of the most exhibitionist of the social networking sites that I’ve seen, brightkite, today so I figured I’d blog about the experience.

The end goal hear is to update my status from one place:
brightkite -> twitter -> facebook

I think brightkite is kinda cool, I’m just curious if it is going to achieve the goal of actually bringing people together who just ‘happen to be around’ each other.

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I’m annoyed at the moment with Google Reader and its inability to open secure (authenticated) feeds.  Outlook can do it, why can’t you??  In fact, it’s the one remaining reason I’m still using Outlook to read my feeds. It’s something very few RSS readers do, but it seems like such a great idea I don’t know why more people aren’t embracing it.

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