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…and a little bit of that.  A post full of randomness…

I’m undergoing a reorg inside and out…  I moved to a new office at work.  My very own corner office.  Unfortunately, that’s an inside corner (not even a “window by proxy”) but I’m quite happy to be closer to my team (we were spread out before) and have my own pictures on the wall. The best part is that I can now have meetings in my own office, instead of having to always borrow someone else’s or a conf room.  I also now sit across from one of the coolest people on the team. The disadvantage is that my productivity has dropped due to (welcome) random conversations and random Nerf dartgun attacks.  The team has started a game of “Assassin” that is, at worst, disruptive to regular business and, at best, a reason to go pelt the interns with foam weaponry.

My lil corner of the world...

Otherwise, work’s been hectic but good.  That is, it’s normal.  Made it happily through my first performance review cycle and they still want me around, which I’d say is positive.

The reorg continues at home… My apartment has been rearranged for the better.  My old standard definition TV has been sold to make more space… or a new HDTV… depending upon how long I can live without the glowing monster.  I’ve got a new kitchen table.  And I’ve been spending way too much time at Crate & Barrel & Pottery Barn online.  Yes, I’ve become a slave to the Ikea nesting instinct.

Outside of home… life’s been busy.  Went to the Capitol Hill Block Party, which was exciting due to Girl Talk and disappointing because of Vampire Weekend (the just didn’t really “show up”, and the levels were bad, and the crowd was crowded… all in all, a lackluster performance).  I took a great, long long long bike ride with 11 other great people. It was nice to ride the green machine for 40 miles. It was even better to stop at the Redhook Brewery at mile 20 and toss back a few to help power the last 20 miles.  Also got the chance to go on a pretty nice hike. 

This weekend has already been good.  Dinner with Andy’s parents in the park was a great way to kick off the weekend.  Two house warming-ish parties are on tap for today, and an adventure of an undisclosed nature.  And Sunday looks to be a beautiful one, hopefully to be spent on Mt. Rainier.

Summers in Seattle are great.

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