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It turns out I’m hard to please… at least at work. I’ve realized that over the course of the last year I’ve gotten in the habit of responding to most proposals with the phrase “I don’t hate it”. That’s about the most praise I can muster for most ideas – not because they’re bad ideas, [...continue reading...]

BikeMS 150 – I need your help!

This fall I am raising money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society by participating in the BikeMS 150 – a one-hundred and fifty mile bike ride which raises money to support MS research, programs and services dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals affected by MS.

I’m asking you for a small [...continue reading...]

Ragnar 2010 – Beer Gardeners II

In the immortal words of Bill Murray, ‘We Came. We Saw. We kicked it’s ass!”

[...continue reading...]

Suiattle River Road

Backpacking trip in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest along the abandoned Suiattle River Road, with day hikes along Downy Creek and Sulfur Mountain trails, into the Glacier Peak wilderness.

Andy and I took 3 days to hike along the Suiattle River Road this past weekend. The weather was mostly cloudy and spitting rain [...continue reading...]

Picture Update – Ragnar & Twin Lakes

Quick post: new pictures are up for Ragnar and the boys trip to Twin Lakes a couple weeks back.

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