grand plans

This next year holds a lot – wedding planning, shipping a major product, house hunting, and now a major personal goal has been tacked on top of it all. I’m really starting to question my sanity, or maybe that’s just the hunger talking. Today I embarked on adventure in improving myself: I’ve started a diet […continue reading…]

you may have some problems with your eyesight

I just got a new TV (after going without one for 2 years) and decided to go whole-hog and go for the 3D.

The TV is pretty awesome, but the manual is pretty entertaining in it’s own right… particularly the part where they blame you and your eyesight if it doesn’t work.

  […continue reading…]

level set

It turns out I’m hard to please… at least at work. I’ve realized that over the course of the last year I’ve gotten in the habit of responding to most proposals with the phrase “I don’t hate it”. That’s about the most praise I can muster for most ideas – not because they’re bad ideas, […continue reading…]