Ragnar 2010 – Beer Gardeners II

In the immortal words of Bill Murray, ‘We Came. We Saw. We kicked it’s ass!”

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Suiattle River Road

Backpacking trip in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest along the abandoned Suiattle River Road, with day hikes along Downy Creek and Sulfur Mountain trails, into the Glacier Peak wilderness.

Andy and I took 3 days to hike along the Suiattle River Road this past weekend. The weather was mostly cloudy and spitting rain […continue reading…]

Picture Update – Ragnar & Twin Lakes

Quick post: new pictures are up for Ragnar and the boys trip to Twin Lakes a couple weeks back.

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Mt. Rainier – Fourth of July

Instead of writing a long blog post about how much fun and awesome camping with the Portland crew was, I’ll just point you to their blogs. :)

Allen, Ian, & Julien all take these incredibly unrealistically real pictures… I had fun watching them play around with their cameras all weekend. My pictures […continue reading…]

Ragnar the Fire Dragon has been slain

It’s 3am (now 6am) and I should be passed out cold. My body is wracked from exhaustion of the mental & physical kind. I’ve pushed pretty much every part of my being harder than I have in months and my reward is the thrill of having slain the fire dragon Ragnar.

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This morning was my last long run before Ragnar. It makes me nervous that I’m not going to run anything of significant length between now and then. But I’m also excited. Very Excited. After the half marathon, I haven’t had anything to really push myself towards until I decided to do the Northwest Passage relay. […continue reading…]

Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Shanghai… whew!

It’s hard to blog about things a month after they happen. Unfortunately that’s about how long it took me to go through the roughly 1,000 pictures I took while in China over the course of two weeks.

The short story was that I got the opportunity to go through work on […continue reading…]


There are days when I wish all I had a private blog. Or private twitter feed. Or that I had tighter security around my Facebook page. There are just so many personalized media outlets, none of which have the right kind of privacy built into them. And then I realize that I don’t need to […continue reading…]

quite blog, busy life

I just spent the last half hour or so reading through Ian’s blog, realizing that I haven’t touched mine in over a month. It’s just been that so much has been going on, with a visit from Joyce, and then from my parents and grandparents…

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